Shotgun crip rivals

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User There's no telling exactly how many Crips are in Massachusetts because it's a lot of them. I'm not sure about that specific city, but yes there are Crips in the state of Oklahoma.

Asked in African-American History, Business and Industry How did crip sets start how did gangs convert to crip sets so they become crip members? Any block gang from anywhere can turn into an offical Crip set in the Crip Alliance as long as an O. The same thing goes for any block gang that wants to turn Blood. The reason u have to have ties to Crips and or Bloods to become an official Crip and or Blood set outside of Cali is because California is the motherland of the Bloods and Crips.

The reason for creating this alliance was to unite all Crip gangs. The Crips gang is in the Crip Alliance. Static Major wasn't in a gang. Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What is a crip nation? Asked in English Language Why do Piru's write with cck? When they say cK they're disrespecting the entire Crip Alliance.

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Yes, there are several Mexicans as well as other Hispanic racesin the Crips gang. There are also several Crip sets that have been created by Hispanics. Asked in Organized Crime What is the biggest crip gang? That can't come down to just one Crip set being the largest set in the whole Crip Alliance. There are plenty of Crip sets that have high numbers Yes, a Mexican as well as any other Hispanic racecan join the Crips gang. In fact there are several Crip sets created by Hispanics, so that goes to show there is no race barrier as to who can and can not join the Crips gang.

Asked in Clothing Which gangs wear black rags? Oklahoma doesn't really have too many gangs in general. Asked in Oklahoma, Population What is Oklahoma major cities? Because Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma.

Asked in Gangs and Gangsters Are there blood and crip gangs in Canada? Asked in Oklahoma, Population What is Oklahoma major city? Oklahoma City and Tulsa. There is no such Crip set as the ''westside Crips''. But as far as a Crip set called the ''westside Crips'' that doesn't exist.

Asked in Oklahoma, Population What are the major cities in Oklahoma? Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman. Asked in Oklahoma, Population What are two major cities in Oklahoma?Their territory stretches from E.

Vermont Ave and W. First of All.

shotgun crip rivals

First of all u talking about Jeffrey slater a. I thought shotguns either were really low on soldiers or the set was pretty much dead and living on old back in the day shit kuz I never seen any shotgun hitups anywhere in their hood.

Real gangmember dont tell you they gonna kill you. They lure you by acting like your best friend. Then put an icepick through your neck. Busters on here talking trash. How bout you befriend an enemy, then set them up. Freeze the body, take it to big bear lake in before the lake freezes. Dump it, and it becomes fish food.

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Pick up a book and read. White scientists have proved that.Unread post by G bka C. Privacy Terms. Search Advanced search. Quick links. From what I see, the young ones don't really bang that hard. It seems like there are a few shootings here and there but nothin serious.

Most of them are in jail, usually for things that don't even relate to gangbangin The OGs are the only hard ones, but most of them are smoked out, retired, in jail, or deceased. If you drove through, you are more likely to see a group of dudes posted up who aren't from Shotgun than u are to see dudes who are.

It's people in the neighborhood who go to college and went to catholic schools like Serra, it's some who play basketball, some who rap, some who bang.

And most of those who bang do because they have relatives who bang, so they grew up into it.

Gardena Paybacc Crips

But most of us my age 19 had parents who wouldn't go for the bangin and all. It seems like they get some respect, but not as much as most L. Even tho they have rivals, it's usually never any serious beefs.

shotgun crip rivals

The last beef I heard was when the Hoovers thought somebody from Shotgun killed a Hoover, which wasn't the case, but he got killed by Rowley Park so they figured it was Shotguns. So they were goin thru the neighborhood shootin at random people, and as I said above, most people u see standin outside aren't even bangers, they just live there Most of the time, they jus have on a pro club and blue jeans, and sometimes with blue chucks or other colors. Their hat is the green bay packers hat, which is almost identical to the gardena high hat, but u don't even see em wearin it that much outside of gardena high.

I know they click in Cali.

ShotGun Crips

What is the 3x thang about under your post Pasa3xRC are you from the Pasadena click what are ya'lls streets or does the 3x mean somethin else? I dont claim nothin. I figured that 3x had to mean somethin other then trays good lookin on the info.

I didnt see no shit happen, just madd cats sportin white and baby blue, is that there color to? Cuz almost everyone ova there was sportin baby blue. I dont remember what streets I was off of, it was like nd I think. I'm not sure though. Have anybody seen J Capone Documentary tape he made? I found them on Alonso's crip gang list, but I have no idea on where they're located. Anybody know?

Shotgun crip GIP Gardena Booda

You from N. Are you Latin or African-American? If so the nigger card is played out! We know who the real niggers are and if you knew you would'nt be using it as disrespectful slur. No one aint calling you a Spic, beaner, a wetback, or a mongrol so keep your slurs in your qualo.Crips street gangs encompasses a wide variety of different identities within its subgroups. The Crips have been identified in Grenada although they were mentioned to have no affiliation to the U.

Last reported in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of Crips subsets. Wikimedia list article. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Retrieved Associated Press. July 7, Retrieved September 4, The Press Democrat. September 21, Retrieved June 22, December 7, Retrieved September 16, Central City Extra. August Retrieved January 18, State of California Department of Justice.

May 19, Tulare County Office of Education. Retrieved September 22, Youth Relations Unit.The Crips are one of the biggest street gangs in the world.

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They were founded in Los Angeles, California. You can usually distinguish a Crip by what color he is wearing. Blue is the world wide color for all Crip gang members. Here is the most extensive Crip knowledge on the Internet. They have built their reputation as being one the largest and the most violent street gangs in the America alongside their biggest rivals, the bloods.

They formed the gang to protect and battle other rival gangs in their area. Most gangs at this time started because of racial discrimination, and it was a way to stay safe and form a brotherhood with friends and others in your neighborhood. Another theory is, when the crips first started they walked around with canes, and the local news called them cripples or crips for short.

The crips gang sign is usually just a C shaped from your thumb and pointer finger, like the pictures displayed below. As mentioned before the crip color is blue, its normally a navy bandana that they use to represent their colors, but all shades of blue usually mean that person is repping a crip set. One of the oldest running crip sets, since their start in the mid s. Check out their full history here. The rollin 20s are the second largest street gang on the east side of long beach, California.

There is no set initiation for getting into the gang. A lot of popular initiations are, getting beat up for 1 whole minute from all the members in the crew. There are also blood in blood out initiations, meaning, in order to get into the gang, you must kill someone.

For females members, they must perform sexual acts, like having sex with all gang members, also called a gang bang. With such a large sized gang there is no set handshake.

shotgun crip rivals

Handshakes are different from set to set. It would be impossible for all members to have the exact same one. A number of different crip members are actually in famous celebrities. You have to remember that before they were famous a lot of these people came from rough neighborhoods and still had to fend for themselves while growing up in the ghetto. Here are some famous crip gang members. Probably the most famous crip is Snoop Dogg, every since his start on death row records he has been claiming Rolling 20s.

Seen in the blockbuster hit Straight Outta Compton, you can see Snoop with a blue bandana walking into the studio. Biggest rivals to the crips are all blood gang members. This has been an ongoing beef since conception of the gang. But most street gangs including Mexican and Asian gangs are all rivaling gangs.

Continue Reading You may also like The Hoover Criminal Gangs are an alliance between different sub sets that fall under the Hoover Connect with us.

Neighborhood Crips Alliance. Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips. List of all Crip Gangs in Los Angeles. Continue Reading.Where I live Crips and GD's get along and associate with each other, but that may just be here. Seems like they team up against the bloods and VL's vice Lords. The hand shake eight ball was a supposed allicance between the two nations but it is a myth.

Crips are predominat on east coast and west coast. The Latin Kings are People under the Five point star. Answer Save.

Rusty Shackleford Lv 5. Source s : cousin is a crip and alot of his friends, some who happen to be gansta's GD beat the heck out of a group of bloods and VL's Yeah father creepy, I've seen the hand thing where they make the pitchfork,with their middle finger, index and thumb.

Crips And Gangster Disciples. Popsqually Lv 6. They might associate in the Midwest or some areas of the South. But Crips in L. And GDs in Chicago don't give a damn about Crips. Once you get out of these two areas and the two mix, strange things happen. BTW: Real Crips aren't represented by the 6 point star. If they are, they are FAKE. Imperial Gangster Disciples. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. J 3 years ago Report. Leo Lv 4.

BTW: whowever gave me thumbs down know nothing of gangs. Only crips and bloods in chicago are dead ones or fake ones.

shotgun crip rivals

Source s : know a couple of latin kings and imperial gangsters from chicago. Quan 4 years ago Report.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. African-American History. Organized Crime. Wiki User Crips wear the color blue and their rivals the Bloods wear the color red.

Asked in Gangs and Gangsters Do the bloods gang still exist? Yes, the Bloods gang still exists, as well as their rivals the Crips gang. Asked in Definitions, Organizations Is crips on southside or bloods?

Crips are on the southside Bloods on the westcoast. Asked in Organized Crime Who is the biggest crips or bloods? The Crips used to out-number the Bloods in large numbers. But nowdays it depends on where ur at, in certain areas Bloods out-number the Crips, and in other areas the Crips out-number the Bloods. Asked in African-American History What is better crips or bloods? Bloods B forget crips they suck! Yes, the Crips gang still exists in California, as well as outside of California.

As long as their rivals the Bloods gang still exsits, then the Crips gang will still exist. Asked in History What is the history of Crips vs Bloods? Crips and Bloods were color gangs. Crips represented blue, while bloods represented red.

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They were gangs that originated in Los Angeles. Crips were formed first, then the Bloods were formed in reaction. Crips and Bloods Who is better between the Crips and Bloods is a matter of opinion that would be based on what the definition of better is. The debate could go on forever. Asked in Organized Crime Do crips and vicelords get along? The Crips gang and the Vice Lords gang are two completely different gangs that really have nothing to do with one another, they're not rivals neither are they allies.

They are full blown enemies. They are like fascists and communists. Asked in Society and Civilization Are crips better fighters than the bloods? Crips and Bloods have united, they are now fighting M The Crips started in the 's and the Bloods started in the 's.

The Crips used to outnumber the Bloods but nowadays they both have large numbers.


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